Affordable Hot Water Adelaide

Contact Affordable Hot Water Adelaide day or night for fast, well priced service. Call for a quote that will beat all others on Bosch, Rheem, and other leading brands of hot water systems.

We do hot water installations right around Adelaide, for gas hot water and electric hot water systems. You can also call us for any hot water repairs as well.

About Us: We are a small team of licensed plumbers who specialise in the installation, maintenance and repairs of hot water systems throughout Adelaide. We are a small company with smaller overheads, and a small group of knowledgeable and experienced Hot Water Specialists (There are less the 5 of us) This means we have great quality control because we are the ones doing it, not some subcontracted company or an apprentice. We will be able to diagnose problems faster and save you money.

Brands We Use

We can install any hot water system, typically we use quality ones like Bosch or Rinnai or Rheem. But there are a lot out there that are just as efficient and long lasting that could save you money. We will happily recommend these upon request.

Gas Hot Water

This seems to be the preference, people want gas hot water because it doesn’t run out, and it’s pretty much instant, 24/7 when you need it. Gas is also fairly low cost compared to electric hot water systems which can be inefficient depending on how they are used. We fit gas hot water systems throughout Adelaide, so give us a call if your current system is underperforming, and we can come and take a look at the problem for you.

Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water systems are a great choice for those without mains gas, or those with a lot of solar panels where electricity costs are often negated or offset. These people cash in on this by using electric hot water systems. A lot of people also program it to only heat water in off peak times which saves a bucket load of money on your electricity bill. We install, service and repair electric hot water systems in Adelaide.

Emergency Hot Water Installation

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower. So when you need an emergency hot water system replaced, we can assist. Give us a call on the number provided 24/7 and our emergency hot water installation expert will be there in a jiffy.

Hot Water Service Repairs

As well as installations we do specialise in hot water service repairs. These things do have a useful efficient lifespan, but we can check it out for you and see if it’s worth repairing or replacing.

Hot Water System Upgrades

For all your hot water system upgrades, installs and repairs, give us a call at Affordable Hot Water Adelaide.

If you are an Adelaide resident and you need someone reliable to troubleshoot and repair your hot water system, or to install you a new one, you should take a closer look at our range of services. We are a plumbing company that provides complete hot water systems installation and repair services.

Our plumbers are specialists in both gas and electric hot water systems from Rheem, Bosch, as well as other big brands on the market. Thanks to our long experience in this industry, we are able to service even older models of hot water systems. In addition, we are always on top of the news, so we also know the latest systems by heart. We cooperate with all leading brands to train our technicians in advanced and innovative technologies, so we are able to offer you guidance and advice in choosing the right hot water system for your home.

We take pride in being among the very few providers on the market to embrace a fully transparent pricing policy. Our prices are not only reasonable, but also fully transparent right off the bat. With us, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll only pay what you’ve agreed to, nothing more. In addition, we strive to offer our clients the best service possible. This is how we managed to build a strong reputation on our local market, many of our clients recommending us to their friends and extended family members.

Contact us now to tell us what you need. You’ll get in touch with one of our experts in hot water installation and repair services who will explain you everything you need to know. Once we understand your needs, we will send you a free quote on our services. If needed, we can provide you with a few client references as well.